WWE 2K19 APK+ OBB+ Data Download for Android

You are here for WWE 2K19 APK for Android. I know it! You are a hardcore fan of this most popular wrestling game and you want to get it right now. Well, that's why we are here.

When talking about wrestling and sports entertainment, WWE’s name shines at the top. It is the biggest privately owned sports entertainment company broadcasting its events to over 36 million viewers in 150 countries. WWE 2k19 game is the best wrestling game for android, PlayStation, Xbox, and Windows PC.

Wrestling is very popular in the whole world as it has a large number of viewers in various countries. Such games have also gained quite popularity in the gaming industry and are one of the best sports genre game. The 2k19 WWE game APK is the latest addition to the franchise with better gameplay and visual graphics.

WWE 2K series is the top wrestling game franchise that you find on any platform. These games have been continually released since its first game WWE SmackDown in 2000. 2k19 WWE is the twentieth installment in the series.

WWE 2K19 APK+ Data+ OBB

WWE 2k19 APK data obb mod

WWE 2K is the most popular professional wrestling video game series released n various platforms like Play Station, Xbox, Nintendo, Windows, and Android. It is in the list of world’s best-selling video game. WWE 2k19 Android has also received a favorable response from the players.

There are many professional wrestling games on Android Play store but they saw cartoonish in front of WWE 2k19 android. When 2K announced the release WWE 2k game for mobiles devices like Android and iOS, it sent uproar among the fans.

WWE 2k was only available for PlayStation and Xbox gaming consoles at first but now you can also download the WWE 2k19 on pc, android, and iOS. You would need to download the game APK, data, and OBB. The OBB file is necessary as it contains the encrypted WWW 2k19 APK data and helps in loading the game properly.

To download the WWE 2k19 APK data and OBB from various sites available on the internet. But downloading for these sites can be troublesome as they often demand you to sign up on their site or complete a survey. If you want to download WWE 2k19 on your android device, then in this article we have given a complete guide on how to download and install this game on your device.
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Features of WWE 2k19 Android Game

The WWE 2k 17 redefined the WWE 2k series which featured the best of the gaming experience followed by its successor 2k18. The Android version for both received a positive response from players worldwide who loved the amazing graphics of the games on their mobiles.
The 2k19 is better in both gameplay and technology than them both and here you can learn about the features of the latest WWE 2k19 APK-

Better Graphics - The first and the foremost important thing that you could expect in a new version of ay game is better graphics and animations. The new WWE 2k19 APK gameplay includes better graphics and animations that would leave your mouth open and eyes fascinated by it. Gamers can enjoy the most realistic graphics of the game that feels like watching a TV broadcast.

Smooth Controls - The controls for WWE 2k19 APK android has been improved so that players have no difficulty playing their favorite game. Usually, in games involving on-screen controls on Android or other mobile devices, players have reported encountering difficulty playing. But in WWE 2k19, developers have given special care to make controls easy for mobile users.

Backstage fights - In 2k19 WWE game, players will be able to enjoy backstage brawls and fighting in the crowds. This feature has been anticipated for quite some time and it was first included in 2k17 version. But with advanced and better game engine of 2k19, it will be a lot more fun engaging in exciting backstage fights with your favorite superstars.
WWE 2k19 APK data obb mod

My Career mode - The latest WWE android game allows players to chose a character and start a career with that character in the My Career mode. You get to live the life of that character and make a career yourself. You get to fight for various titles, make tag teams, engage in rivalries etc with other wrestlers.

More superstars - the superstar roster for the WWE 2k19 APK game has been extended with new players added. There are more than 200 superstars on the roster, including the most legendary players. The developers have promised that the roster for the latest edition will take the breath away from WWE game lovers.
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Creation suite - It allows the players to create their own superstars, entrances, arenas, and events. Along with GM mode in WWE 2k19 APK, you can even be a manager of a show and manage events, fire wrestlers, ignite rivalries etc. You can even add your created wrestlers to an already extended superstar roster.
High-quality gameplay - Usually when a game is imported from Play Station or another platform to mobile, there is a loss of gameplay quality. But the WWE 2k19 APK file android has the same quality like what you would find on Play Station or Xbox gaming consoles. Aside from the screen size and on-screen controls, there would be nothing that you can find different in it from the other platforms.

Superstar entrance music - WWE won’t be as it is if you left out the entrance music of the superstars from the game. Listen to the exciting and exhilarating entrance music of all superstars from the past and present in the WWE 2k19 android.

WWE 2K19 official soundtrack - There are new songs added to the official soundtrack of WWE 2k19 APK full version, including the most popular titles from different genres and an original theme song. So aside from the entrance music, the players can enjoy the thrilling music which will pump their adrenaline and improve their play.

Better career story - Like WWE 2k18, 2k19 my Career will also feature a narrative story with branching paths. The new game doesn’t have a never-ending career like what it used to be in earlier installments.

Free exploring - You can also roam freely in backstage areas and interact with other superstars. This feature is available in My Career mode in which players get to enjoy the life of a WWE superstar.

Online playing - The new WWE game for android features an online mode in which you can play with other online players. The online mode also involves backstage brawls which are quite fascinating.

Revamped special matches - Matches like Royal Rumble and elimination chamber has been revamped in the new version of WWE game APK. The 2k19 version has removed many faults and defects in the earlier versions while playing royal rumble and elimination chamber matches. A new chamber design is also introduced and players can select from the old and new design before starting the match.

Crowd cheering - The crowd cheering system has been revamped and improved which allows authentic crowd reactions and chants. The animations and sound of crowd fully match and you get any sluggish feel about it.

WWE 2k19 android game requirements

WWE 2k19 is a heavy game with realistic graphics and fabulous animations. It isn’t like other normal games with low graphics quality which doesn’t require much space.  Before downloading the WWE 2k19 APK file with Data and OBB, you need to check the list of system requirements of this game for android devices
·         Android version - It requires android 4.0 and above. The tested compatible versions are 4.0, 4.1, 4.4, 5.0, and Android 6.0.
·         RAM - Your device must have a minimum of 2GB Ram for WWE 2k19 for android to work properly without any lagging.
·         CPU - Minimum 1.8 GHz processor capability and the more, the better.
·         Internet - You can play WWE 2k19 game in both online and offline mode. The Internet is only required when playing in online mode.
·         Storage Space - As the OBB and Data files are 1.30 GB to 1.5 GB combined, you would need at least 2 GB free storage space on your Android device for it work properly.

How to Install WWE 2k19 Game

WWE 2k19 APK data obb mod

There may be many wrestling games but none is better than WWE 2k19. But official APK for this game is not available on Google play store but you can download it from other sources. The same official for Android or other mobile devices will not be available but with the help of WWE 2k19 APK download for android mobile, you can enjoy it on your device.

Here in this section, we will tell you how to download and install the WWE 2k19 APK data obb easily with the help of some simple steps -
Step 1: Download the WWE 2k19 android APK by clicking on the given link- https://apkwarehouse.org/wwe-2k17-apk
Step 2: You will get both OBB and APK from the link given above.
Step 3: Now install the APK downloaded before and wait for the installation to finish.
Step 4: Don’t launch the app directly but extract the obb file and move it to Android/OBB folder on the external storage. If the folder is not present, create it and then paste the files later.
Step 5: Now launch the app and enjoy the game.
Note: - Before you install the WWE 2k19 game for android make sure that your device has enough storage space so that you can install the game without errors. The Obb and data file is very big and your device needs to have enough space so as to store them.

How to Play WWE 2k19 Game

If it is the first time you are playing WWE 2k game, then you may find it difficult at first. Though in the new WWE 2k19 APK file, controls have been revamped to ensure smooth and effective controls. It will take some time, but you will be able to play it perfectly and became a fan of this game like million others.
Below are the steps if you want to know the startup guide to know how to play WWE 2k19-
Step 1: After you are finished downloading and installing the game APK, and moving the data + OBB to the OBB folder in external storage, launch the game by clicking on the game icon in the application tray.
Step 2: The game will open with the title graphics and you can also hear the soundtrack.
Step 3: When the game loads up, you will be displayed a game menu.
Step 4: Select Single player or multiplayer game mode.
Step 5: Now choose the wrestler with which you will play from the list of all wrestlers available.
Step 6: Choose your opponent and the type of game you want. For example, you can choose between an exhibition match, money in the bank, Wrestle Mania, etc.
Step 7: Select the match type like normal, ladder, elimination chamber, hell in a cell, cage, etc and click start.
Step 8: You can hear the official soundtrack and theme music of your character as well as rivals.
Step 9: Now you control the players with the controls shown on the screen.
·         Left controls are for moving the player in different directions.
·         Right controls are for attacking and other moves.
·         A combination of both unlocks a special move according to the situation.

WWE 2K19 for PC

WWE 2k19 APK data obb mod

WWE 2k19 is a professional wrestling video game developed by visual concepts and Yuke’s. The game is now published by 2k games and WWE 2k19 pc is the 20th and the latest instalment in the series. All the earlier instalments of the WWE 2k series and the new 2k19 version have received good reviews from players all around the world.
2k games are very well developed in terms of game graphics, animations, sounds, and control quality. But WWE 2k19 game for pc takes all that to a new and higher level. The gameplay is as realistic as it can be that it will leave your mouth open when you play it.
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The new game has been added with lots of feature over the earlier installments and it is the most realistic game in the entire series. The animations and character movements in the latest WWE 2k19 game are very smooth and feels like watching real wrestling matches on TV.

If you also want to enjoy the thrilling experience of the realistic wrestling on your PC through the best WWE game for pc, you would need to download the PC version of the game with the help of the tutorial given here. The tutorial is very simple and explained in easy steps that you would be able to easily download the WWE 2k19 for pc.
But before that let’s see into the WWE 2k19 pc system requirements and see if you would need to upgrade your PC or it will work just fine for playing this game-

  • CPU: - Minimum: Intel Core i3-2105 3.1 GHz/AMD Phenom II X2 550
  • Recommended: Intel Core i5-3550 3.3 GHz/AMD FX-8150
  • Operating System: - Windows 7/8 64 bit
  • Memory: - Minimum: 4GB / Recommended: 8GB
  • Graphics Card: - Minimum: GeForce GTX 460 or Radeon HD 5870 1024MB/ Recommended: GeForce GTX 660 or Radeon HD 6970
  • Disk Space: - 18GB

How to install WWE 2k19 game on PC

WWE 2k19 APK data obb mod

WWE 2k19 game was first released for Play Station and Xbox game consoles. It has been completely redesigned by the developers for Windows, allowing users to enjoy their favorite wrestling game without any problem with the keyboard.
The WWE 2k19 has become an instant hit on PC and you can also download and install it very easily on your PC if it meets the minimum system requirements. Follow the below steps if you want to know how to install the WWE 2k19 on pc-
Step 1: Download the WWE 2k19 game PC installer from the given link- http://reworkedgames.eu/Download/WWE%202K17%20PC%20Installer.rar.
Step 2: The downloaded file will be in compressed rar or zip format. Unpack the file in any folder.
Step 3: Now run the executable file by going to the extract folder destination and double-clicking on the installer.
Step 4: Download the full version of the game from the setup wizard.
Step 5: Follow the instructions in the installation wizard to install the game properly without any errors in your desired location. The installer will automatically install the game after it has confirmed everything it needed from you.
Step 6: Launch the game after the installation process is complete by clicking on the desktop icon generated during the installation process. You can also go to the destination folder and run the .exe file to run the game.
Step 7: Now play the game and enjoy WWE on your PC.
Note: - You must have an internet connection on your PC as the installer will need to download game files and successfully installing the game. You can reconfigure the controls as per your comfort by going to the control menu of the game.

Tricks and tips to play the game

WWE 2k19 APK data obb mod

·         WWE 2k19  mod - You can download the hack or mod version of the game in which all locked players, arenas and items are unlocked. You can choose the unlocked players to start a career. The WWE 2k19 APK mod is perfect for you if you don’t want to go through the trouble of unlocking this yourself.

·         Customizing - You can create your own player or arena and matches with various game modes and creation suite available in the game.

·         Submissions - When you want to use submission move on your opponent, go for their limbs. You can deplete the opponent’s stamina as much as you can on the first try and try another move to make them submit. Using multiple submission moves is the best strategy if you want to get a win through submission.

·         Earn more virtual currency - Virtual currency lets you buy items to help improve your player stats. To earn more virtual currency, you should participate more in 5-star matches and excite the crowds using different dramatic, flashy and showy moves. It higher your chances of getting five stars in the match and you get more virtual currency.

·         Increase player’s stats - Sometimes having a stronger player will automatically decide the winner of the match and to make your player stronger, you should increase the player’s stats in the career mode by gaining more virtual currency.

·         Don’t quit any match - To progress faster in the career mode, you should not quit any match even if you are losing. If you quit a match you will lose even those reward points that you may have gained by losing the match.

·         Collect hidden items - There are a lot of in-game surprises in the WWE 2k19 APK gameplay like secret moves, Easter eggs, smash items and much more. Keep your eyes always open and collect these items to unlock various things.

·         Manage lags - Lag is an issue that is very common when playing an online game including the online mode of WWE 2k19. You should check the lag rate when the match starts by moving around.


Wrestling is a much-loved gaming genre due to the popularity WWE has gained throughout the world. There have been very big demand for a new and better version of WWE game and so the WWE 2k19 android is a dream come true for fans.

WWE 2k19 is the latest installment in the most loved wrestling game series through generations. You can download the WWE 2k19 android game on your device through the download links given in this post. You can find the download links for WWE 2k19 game APK, data, and OBB here.
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